Like many who want to live in fuller, more meaningful ways, I am a strong empath. While I have education and training as a clinical psychologist and specialized training in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, I also have my own lived experience with postpartum distress (PPD/PPA/PPOCD) – and of course life in general! – so I actually “get it,” too.

My therapeutic (and personal) approach is to seek out the big picture to understand more about whatever may be distressing another person. I truly believe that if we are able to take the perspective of another, we will soon find their reasons for doing what they do make more sense than we had realized, and we’ll find more commonalities than we had thought.

As an elementary and middle school teacher for six years, I was and continue to be fascinated by the developmental process. In fact, my orientation to working in therapy is inseparable from understanding humans across the lifespan – and how early experience in particular profoundly shape the brain. I also believe that we do not have to be at the mercy of our past experiences and that there is power both in vulnerability and maturity.

There is no perfect person. No perfect anything. But there can be joy and peace and fulfillment. There can be wellness and strength. It’s often a matter of accepting our very selves as we actually are – and, with help, moving into greater comfort with who we are meant to be.




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